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Silent Perspectives -- Art And Environment

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June, 2007

june27_1.jpg- Light Abstract
Recent Study - 2014-6

mar19_28_01.jpg- Progression?
Recent Study - 2014-3

p4280023.jpg-Abstract Art-Non Objective Painting
Recent Study - 2012-4

Perhaps The Silence Is In The Echo Of Empty Niche Where Once Stood Proud Inhabitants Of A Ravaged Global Ecosystem So Abused By A Species Without Mind, Without Heart

A Deafening Silence

june27_61.jpg-Abstract Artist-Art, Nature, Wonder
Recent Study - 2014-6

The Fury Is In The Silence
The Silence Of A Consciousness Inexorably Moving To Its' Own Conclusion
Indifferent To Cause
Seeking Only Remedy
Seeking Only Restoration Of Order
Seeking Harmony

june27_11.jpg- Contemporary Abstract Expressionist
Recent Study - 2014-3

p4280013.jpg- Abstract Expressionism - Icon, Myth
Recent Study - 2012-4

UN Report
Extinction Rate(Plant And Animal)
3 Per Hour
18,000--55,000 Per Year
"Human Activities"
(Land Clearing-Habitat Loss, Human Population Growth, Pollution, Global Warming And On And On And On)
At A Point One Of Those Three Per Hour Could(Will?) Be Us

pc300026.jpg- Black And White- Abstract Studies
Recent Study - 2012-12

Bird Voice Tree Frog Sings Outside My Door..........Song As Beautiful As Anything On This Earth............Lyrical--Of Course..........Expressive--Of Course(So He's Singing To His Mate--Much As We Do In Varying Forms)...........My Little Amphibean Friends Are Extremely Threatened(Some Say 30 Percent Loss By 2025)..........Life Without Their Songs Would Be An Incomplete One...........Indeed, With Each Species Lost, We Lose Part Of Ourselves
--Life On The River

june27_23.jpg- Art Recycled
Recent Study - 2014-6

p8270020.jpg-Non Representational Artist- Studies
Recent Study - 2012-8

p3090104.jpg- Abstract Expressionist
Recent Study - 2012-3

If One Is Struck By Lightning, One Never Hears The Thunder..........And So It Is With Mass Extinction--This Sixth Episode We Are Presently In--It Happens So Quickly To Species, Any Species, With Such Rapidity That "They" Never See(Or Hear) It Coming...........All Species On Earth, Save The One Every Year(?) Or So That Does Face Natural Extinction, Are Directly Affected By Our Irresponsible Actions........Thus The Extinctions On Such A Massive Scale(One Which May--Probably Will--Greatly Supercede All Previous Episodes)......And, It Must Be Added, Irresponsibility Will Be
(Already Is) Our Own "Undoing"

p5060032.jpg- Systematics
Recent Study - 2013-5

20111014_61.jpg- Painting On Glass
Recent Study - 2011-10

Feral Abstraction - Environmental - And Much More At Web Site II --

p6240311.jpg- Kinetic Abstraction - Ecstatic Dance
Recent Study - 2011-6

That Natural Connection............Just By The Processes Of Idea Involved In Creating Art One Is Contributing To The Natural Flow Which Streams Through Nature In Her Ever Changing Universes Of No End And No Beginning.........One Is Also "Rewarded" With Same For It Is A Reciprocal Connection

p5060062.jpg- Art - Energy
Recent Study - 2013-5

mar20_22_01.jpg-Contemporary Art - New Image
Recent Study - 2014-3

$8 Per Gallon
That's What Gasoline Prices In The U.S. Should Be........And If That Isn't Enough To Slow Down A Consumptive, Self Possessed Society, Raise It Even More!...........It Must Happen..............And Now!........Immediacy The Concern Now.........We Haven't The Luxury Of Waiting For Technology To "Phase In" New, More Efficient Forms Of Energy Consumption..........Changing Human Behavior, The Presently Rather Foreign Idea Of "Doing The Right Thing", Are Our Final Options..........We Simply Can Go No Further In Our Consumptive Insanity!

p5060047.jpg- Contemporary Artist- Environmental
Recent Study - 2013-5

About The Planet
Not About Us
The Planet Comes First!

p4280039.jpg- The Irrelevant
Recent Study - 2012-4

june27_37.jpg- Lyrical Expressionism
Recent Study - 2014-6

Really Attempt To Keep Political "Stuff" Out Of These Pages As I Feel Politicians(And Many Others, Particularly Corporate) Are T(F)ools Of The Lobbyist And No Longer Represent The Ideas Of Office And Service...............That Being Said, One Notices The G8 Has Called For The Reduction Of Carbon Emissions By 50 Percent By 2050...........Excuse Me!!!!!!!!.......For Once I Am Almost Speechless.............This Is Something Right Out Of "Dr Strangelove"...........We Are Viewing The Obliteration And Extinction Of Millions Of Species(Possibly Including Us) And We Talk And Talk And Talk About Gradual Reduction............One Half By 2050 Is Too Little, Too Late!

20111014_28.jpg- Abstract Art - With Amorphs
Recent Study - 2011-10

All Of Us Must Be Spokespersons For This Earth......The Point Of Urgency Has Been Passed..........Dire Consequences  As A Result Of Our Actions Lay Ahead, And, Sooner Than Anyone Thinks............To Minimize The Severity Of The Many Natural Impacts, From Climate To Disease To Overpopulation To ............. We Must Act Immediately!..........(No Need To List The Many Things We Must Do Here--They Are Well Documented)........No More Studies, No Ridiculous Long Range, Gradual Plans, No More Talk..........Now........Action.........Now!

dec2b-023.jpg- New Techniques In Art
Recent Study - 2013-12

Rather Than Memorials To War And Senseless Slaughter, Why Do We Not Memorialize The Innocent Victims Of Our Ceaseless Carnage?............Artist Should Gather To Create A Museum Of Sorts, Perhaps Even On The Internet, To Memorialize The Species Lost To Our "Violent"(Abusive) Assault On This Earth And Its' Environment.............Would Have To Be Huge, This Museum Or Site...........But Perhaps Images And Expressions-Impressions Of The Lost Would Help "Bring Home" The Results Of Our Behavior, Actions, And Lack Of Responsibility

art300.jpg- Contemporary Photography - Gallery

What Is It About A Few Splashes And Ripples Of Color That So Moves One To That Ideal State Of Enlightenment And Recognition?.........A Bit Of Movement, Here And There.........Form, Line And So Many Hues And Tones........Take A Paddle.........Or A Hike.............It Is All Right There, All About You............It Expresses Everything That Came Before..........And, Importantly...........Everything That Is Yet To Be

p2153194.jpg- Abstract Artist - Art, Nature, Logic
Recent Study - 2011-2

McNease -- Contemporary Abstract Artist
Web Site II - Click On Image

Nature And Art, Art And Nature - Logic Of Feral Sensibility At Web Site II

Transfer Process
10x16 Inch Minimum Size


Care For This Planet
This Earth

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