Tom McNease Contemporary Art

A Single Tree (Earth Day, April 22)

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April, 2007

june26_41_01.jpg- Light Abstract
Recent Study - 2014-6

p4210038.jpg- ImageSpeak
Recent Study - 2013-4

p6270017.jpg- Paint Sculpture
Art Recycled - 2012-6

p8260126.jpg- Neotericism - New Art, New Myth
Recent Study-2012-8

Contemporary Abstract Expressionism--Enviro Expressionism


june26_31_01.jpg-Truths-Species Extinction - Us?
Recent Study - 2014-6

One Tree Planting Per American Family Equals One Billion Pounds Of Carbon Dioxide Reduced Annually......Forest On Earth Store An Estimated 1,150 Billion Tons Of Carbon(Half A Tree's Mass Is Carbon)

dec2b-005.jpg- Inherency - Art And Nature
Recent Study - 2013-12

One Average Mature Tree Can Absorb Up To 48 Pounds Of Carbon Dioxide Per Year While Releasing Enough Oxygen To Support Two Humans(A Typical Tree Produces About 260 Pounds Of Oxygen Each Year)

june26_79_01.jpg- ShadowPlane
Recent Study - 2014-6

Trees Reduce Topsoil Erosion(For Each 5 Percent Of Tree Cover, Storm Water Runoff Is Reduced By 2 Percent) While Tree Roots Remove Harmful Nutrients.......They Stabilize Soil, Reduce Erosion, Mitigate Flooding.............Trees Cut Energy Cost With Shade, Buffer Winds, Reduce Stress(Yes), Provide Food, Wood And Paper Products And, Perhaps Most Importantly, Food And Habitat For Scores Of Earth's Inhabitants

p4210006.jpg-Metamorphosis- Art In Flux
Recent Study - 2013-4

The Average Tree Absorbs 10 Pounds Of Pollutants Each year(Including 4 Pounds Of Ozone And Three Pounds Of Particulates).........Other Pollutants Removed Include Nitrogen Oxides and Sulphur Dioxide

p8260129.jpg- Black And White- Abstract Studies
Recent Study - 2012-8

20111013_53.jpg- Neo Expressionism - Feral Image
Recent Study - 2011-10

More Ominous Words From UN Reports
--One Dealing With Australia Particularly Alarming, Including
--6.7 Degree Celsius Rise In Temperature By End Of Century
--80 Percent Of Great Barrier Reef Bleached By 2030
--Rising Sea Levels Pushing Coastline Back By 110 Yards
More Fires, Droughts, Floods And Storms Due To Global Warming
Just Australia--Extend To Other Regions Of Earth To Varying Degrees

p4210058.jpg- Oasis
Recent Study - 2013-4

p4270006.jpg- Seeing
Recent Study - 2012-4

UN Report
Temperature Rise From Global Warming
Add 1.8 Degrees Fahrenheit--400 Million To 1.7 Billion Extra People Without Adequate Water, Infectious Diseases And Allergenic Pollens Rise, Some Amphibeans Go Extinct(This By 2020)
Add Another 1.8 Degrees--2 Billion People Without Water And 20-30 Percent Of World's Species Go Extinct--People Start Dying Of Malnutrition, Disease, Heat,  Floods nd Droughts(This By 2050)
7-9 Degree Temperature Increase(Considered By Many The Most Likely Scenario)--One Fifth Of The World's Population Affected By Flood Events, Major Extinctions Around The World
Sorry Professor, We Can Be That Stupid!

p4210090.jpg- Contemporary Mixed Media Artist
Recent Study - 2013-4

Earth Day
Since Its' Inception In 1970, Earth Day, April 22, Has Fulfilled A Very Important Role In Environmental Awareness...........Millions Of People Around The Globe Celebrate The Even Each Year.........Shouldn't We Extend, Considering The State Of Our Environment Today, The Energy And Thought Behind That Single Day To Each And Every Day, Each And Every Moment Of Our Lives............It Is Now Total Awareness, Total Involvement, Which Is The Mandate, The Imperative, Of Any Responsible Human Being On This Planet

june26_47_01.jpg-Contemporary Image-Nature's Gift
Recent Study - 2014-6

As I Paddle Down My Beloved Little River, All About Me Everything, Everything, Is Working In Unison.........Plants, Animals, Elements, Interrelated And Dependent On The Action Of One Another............There Are No Aberrations........Everything Fits............Harmony..............Resonance...........That Silent Connection Is There..................That Flow..................There Are No "Dominant" Species..................The Largest Is The Equal, The Same, As The Smallest Microbe...............And There Is Discernable Intelligence There..............That Unconscious-Conscious Flow Of Nature Through All...........How Can There Not Be?..............Just Get Out There And Experience It.......It Works.............And It Works Beautifully

p4210022.jpg- Contemporary Abstract Art
Recent Study - 2013-4

Really Applaud Anyone Championing Our Environment...........But Please, Practice What One Preaches!...........This Carbon Credit Business Is A Total Farce............Individual Action, Giving Back More Than One Takes, Is The Only Remedy!

p4210062.jpg-Contemporary Art, Energy, Nature
Recent Study - 2013-4

Do Not Pray
Just Do
Do The Right Thing
Do What Is Necessary To Bring This Planet Back To Its' Proper Natural State
Do Think Of Each And Every Species That Goes Extinct As Your Child
Do Think Of That Human, Somewhere On This Planet, Who Died Of Starvation Just Moments Ago As Your Brother, Or, Sister
Do Think Of Something Other Than Yourself, Your Comfort, Your Things
Do Think!
Do It Now
Do It Now

173images.jpg-- World Without Art

Like Hundreds Of Stars Twinkling In A Serpentine Pattern Across A Moonless Sky.........That's My Friend Lampy, A Speckled King Snake, Right After Shedding His Skin..........Out Under The Banana Trees The Other day, The Direct Sunlight Creating An Extraordinary Event Of Simple Beauty..........Yellow Spots Glistening Against A Black Body.......He(Uncertainty here) Slowly Moving Through The Undergrowth, Seeking Dinner..............Sister Girl, On The Other Hand, Is "Into Everything"...............A Yellow Bellied Water Snake Constantly On The Move, Sticking Her Nose Into Anything Available(Including Open Doors)..........She Sometimes Is Mistaken For A Cottonmouth Due To Her Dark Back................But The Yellow Belly(With Split Scales Below The Anal Plate) Readily Distinguishes Her............Must Do Everything We Can To Protect The Herps....................Many, If Not Most, Are In Decline Worldwide...........They Are Possessed Of The Same Rights To Existence As We
--Life On The River

p4270125.jpg- Mixed Media Abstraction
Recent Study - 2012-4

Please List The Contributions YOU Have Made To This Beautiful Planet Earth!

Image -- Icon -- Idea

p4210054.jpg-Non Objective Art- Form, Color, Tone
Recent Study - 2013-4

Nature's Consciousness

mar15_18_01.jpg- Environmental Abstraction
Recent Study - 2014-3

Tom McNease Contemporary Art

p4210080.jpg- Systematics
Recent Study- 2013-4

20111013_09.jpg- Natural Forms - Celebration
Recent Study - 2011-10

dec1a-012.jpg- Children Of The Sun
Recent Study - 2013-12

Art And Nature - Environmental Abstraction At Web Site II

Paint Transfer Process
10x16 Inch Minimum Size


Care For This Planet
This Earth

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