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Monthly Review
November, 2006

june22_37_01.jpg- Evolving Perspective
Recent Study - 2014-6

pc250105.jpg- Art And Dimension
Recent Study - 2012-12

p8240016.jpg- New Art - Technique, Process
Recent Study - 2012-8

june22_41_01.jpg- Contemporary Image-Nature's Gift
Recent Study - 2014-6

Access To All

p4250073.jpg- Art And Idea
Recent Study - 2012-4

You're Looking At Art As It Is Fast Becoming Now As Well As The Future Of Art Itself................No, Not The Particular Image Or Technique You Are Presently Viewing..............Of Course Not..........But................Access.............Finally, Finally, Virtually Everyone On This Planet Has Free, Unlimited Access To The Arts..........Such A Vast Wealth Of Knowledge, Information, Creativity There For The Enlightenment, Pleasure And Wonder Of All...........Use It!...........Use It Wisely!

Truths--Art, Function, Responsibility

p8250106.jpg- Mixed Media Abstract Art
Recent Study - 2012-8

june23_57_01.jpg-Neo Abstraction-Empirical Notions
Recent Study - 2014-6

Truths--World Without Art

20110830_89.jpg- Creative Streams - Art, Act, Idea
Recent Study - 2011-8

Image -- Icon -- Idea

june23_7_01.jpg- Definition
Recent Study - 2014-6

p4130058.jpg- Lyrical Abstraction- Natural Logic
Recent Study - 2013-4

It Is No Wonder That Museums Are Fast Becoming "Attractions" Which Happen To House Art..............Their Usefulness As "Expositories" (And Often, A Rather Costly Adventure For Those Simple Souls Like Myself Who Feel That All Art Should Be Free) Will Quickly Disappear.........Indeed, Their Collections(Most Of Which Are Never Seen) Could(Should) Become Part Of The Internet With The Vast Stores Of Knowledge And Information Stored In The Archives Open  For All To Experience In Truly New And Remarkable Ways(And Not As The Rather Primitive Web Sites Presently Offered By The Major Institutions)......Will They Do It?.........Of Course They Will.......They Have To.............If..............They Wish Continued Survival As An Institution

nov28o-013.jpg- Non Objective Art
Recent Study - 2013-11

june23_25_01.jpg- Southern Expressionism
Recent Study - 2014-6

There Will Of Course Be Those Places Where Humans Can Gather For The Direct Experience Itself.............Places Where Art Is, As With The Internet, Free And Open To All To Experiece And Grow From(Like That Wonderful Little Cultural Oasis In Houston--Menil Collection--And Of Course There Are Others)........One Finds Though, That Such Places Are About Much More Than The Art Itself..............They Are About Human Interaction, Education, Advancement Of Knowledge, Sensibility And Sensitivity...............They Are About The Potential Of Fineness Of Human Experience--Indeed, A Fineness Of Existence Itself

20110830_76.jpg- Art And Juxtaposition
Recent Study - 2011-8

Abstract Artist -- Art, Nature, Logic, Wonder

20120108_20.jpg- Black And White- Abstract Studies
Recent Study - 2012-1

Truths--Species Extinction? (Us)

june23_21_01.jpg-Art And Juxtaposition
Recent Study - 2014-6

And Then There Is Art Created For The Internet Itself(A Mere Infant With Astonishing Possibilities In Its' Future)......Another Form Of Expression...........Another Tool In The Creative Arsenal

p4250036.jpg- Neotericism - New Art - New Myth
Recent Study - 2012-4

Yes, There Are Some Limitations On Image Detail And Quality On The Internet...........Brushstrokes, Paint Buildup, The Subtle Nuances, Colors, Tones, Expressions, Not To Mention The Direct Experience Itself.........But With Time, And Patience, All Those Shortcomings Will Fall To Advancing Technology......In Fact, The Direct Experience Itself Will Be Enhanced, Perhaps Through Something Like Holography But more Likely Through Some Process Not Even Invented Yet(Maybe Tomorrow)..........Exciting...........The Pure Excitement Of Pure Energy

p4130016.jpg- Metamorphosis- Art In Flux
Recent Study - 2013-4

Ironically, The Things That Got Us Into The Planetary Mess That We Are In, Uncontrolled Technologies Backed By Pure Greed, May Well Get Us Back On Track As A Species......And That Is Information Technology With The Sensibility Of Knowledge It Brings..........Internet Is The Conduit--Will We Do It?

june23_75_01.jpg-Contemporary Artist-Environmental
Recent Study - 2014-6

Someone On This Planet Is Viewing One Of My Web Pages At This Instant(Or Any Other For That Matter)...........It Is A Simple Site Devoid Of Frivolous Nature, With Only One Function--Advancement Of Creative Awareness As Well As, Equally Important, Environmental Awareness.............Up Until Very Recent Times Such Was Not Possible On Such A Grand Scale..........Thank The Internet For That............And........Keep It Free And Open To All!

p4130022.jpg- Seeing
Recent Study - 2013-4

Knowledge Should Be Free And Open To All, Whatever The Form Or Expression.............That Is The Beauty Of The Internet(Must Keep Greed Out Of The Mix, If That Is Possible!)--Forget "Rights" And Copyrights And Patents And And.........Just Let The Engine Roll Freely, And, One Might Add, Creatively

_13_01.jpg-Contemporary Abstract Expressionist
Recent Study - 2014-6

Presently Available
Walking About In A Monet, Listening To Debussy, Gazing Up At "Starry Night"(Holst , Anyone?), Flying About In A Pollack, Stravinsky Or Schoenberg Or Scriabin Cranked Up To The Max--All Present Possibilities--Technology Already Existing With Future Technologies That Will Make Present Ones Appear Primitive..............Of Course There Will Be Those "Purest" Who Feel Such Would Be Heresy...............Ignore The Dinosaurs...........It's Gonna Happen!

20110830_27.jpg- Abstract Expressionism-Icon, Myth
Recent Study - 2011-8

So Many Wonderful Possibilities Ahead With Art, With Internet............If...................We Don't Kill Ourselves First........This The Iron ball Shackled To The Human Ankle.......Global Warming, Disease, Slaughter Of Innocents Of All Species................On One Side, The Beauty And Fineness Of Human Creation And Occassional Deed..............On The Other, A Species Heading Straight To Oblivion Because Of Its' Own Consumptive Behavior And Pure Greed...........Our Choice............Our Chance

p2133118.jpg- Non Objective Art
Recent Study - 2011-2

Call To Artist
No, Not One Of Those Juried(Judged Of Course By Imminent Authorities Who Make Their Living Off The Efforts Of Others) Show Scams Ripping Off Artist With Entry Fees As Well As Other "Requirements" For Inclusion.........No, Not That........But............A Sincere Call To Artist To Gather In A Universal Spirit Of Sorts And Create Anew.........Yes, New Image, New Idea, Technique, Thought And Put It Out There On The Web.............But Please--Make It Devoid Of Commercial Interest Or Pursuit.............Just Work And Word.......Just Clean Pages Of Creativity And Enlightenment To Challenge The Viewer To Participate In The Evolving Process Of Human Thought, Idea, Creation...........Can't Stress The Importance Of Such Action Enough.........As, Noted Elsewhere, Art(S) Is Just About The Last Thing Separating Us From Oblivion.........It Is Well Past Time For Minds To Gather(And What Better Way Than The Internet) And Through The Act Of Simple Awareness Return The Energies Of Thought, Of Order, Of Creation To Our Very Threatened Species

p4250089.jpg- Conceptual Art - Natural Imperatives
Recent Study - 2012-4

Tom McNease Contemporary Art

20111011_131.jpg- New Art Review - Art, Process
Recent Study - 2011-10

Art And Word -- Is Concept Reality? -- Sense, Senselessness, Sensibility At Web Site II

Paint Transfers
From Glass
To Glass
Minimum Size 10x16 Inches


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