Tom McNease Contemporary Art

Southern Artist -- Shotgun Art

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Monthly Review
Image And Word
March, 2006

253study.jpg--Louisiana Abstract Artist

Contemporary Artist--Environmental Expressionism

june17_43_01.jpg-Non Representational Art
Recent Study - 2014-6

mar19_53_01.jpg- Art And Dimension
Recent Study - 2014-1

june17_37_01.jpg-Non Objective Art
Recent Study - 2014-6

p4210164.jpg- Systematics
Recent Study - 2012-4

Destroy The Icon
Keep The Image
(Energy Of Thought)

20111008_75.jpg- Abstract Artist - Art, Nature
Recent Study - 2011-10

Energy Of Thought
Energy Of Mind
Energy Of Nature
Energy Of Creation
Energy Of Evolution
Transitory States Of Elegant Passage
Leading To No Conclusion
To No End(For There Was No Beginning)
Infinity's Gate

Web Site II - Click On Image

Trouble In Pangea
Of The "Other" Five Episodes The One Most Catastrophic, The Permian Extinction 250 Million Years Ago, Could Have Been Caused By, You Guessed It, Global Warming(Volcanoes Producing Large Ash Clouds Around The World).......Possibly Over 90 Percent Of Life Forms On Earth Perished
Web Site II - Click On Image

june18_24_01.jpg- Abstract Art - With Amorphs
Recent Study- 2014-6

Contemporary Abstractionist -- Idea, Form, Reason

20111008_07.jpg- Louisiana Artist - Gallery
Recent Study - 2011-10

Swiftness Of Change Is Palpable........Reluctant Urgency  Has Become Norm...............With No Corrective Action........None.......Accelerating Processes Will Fill  A Void Of Inaction And An Irreversible Tide Of Change Will Engulf All.......It Is The Sixth Episode(Started Some Time Ago)..........The Beginning Of The End For Countless(Perhaps Millions) Innocent Species On This Earth

p3230004.jpg- ImageSpeak
Recent Study - 2013-3

mar19_36_01.jpg- Non Objective Painting
Recent Study- 2014-3

It Is Inconceivable
That A Species Would Destroy Its' Own Planet
It Is Inconceivable
That Any Species Would Kill For Anything Other Than Food
It Is Inconceivable
That A Species Would Kill For Any Belief(Myth)
It Is Inconceivable
That Any Species Would Allow A Member Of Its' Own(Or Any Other) To Die Of Hunger Or Preventable Disease
It Is Inconceivable
That Any Species Would Witness The Extinction Of Even One Species On This Wonderful Little Planet
It Is Inconceivable
That Any Species Would Witness Its' Own Extinction

Recent Study - 2014-6

One Redeeming Thought In This Planetary Mess We Have Created....................Evolution Is Constant...........And Very, Very Dynamic..................Five Episodes Have Proven That

pc210035.jpg- Neotericism - New Art, New Myth
Recent Study - 2012-12

20111008_72.jpg- Abstract Painting - Evolution
Recent Study - 1011-10

Nature Is As Much A Part Of This Imagery As I Am.......Not Only In Dialogue And Connection But In The Actual Process.....She "Allows" Me Whatever "Control" I Need............And I "Allow" Her Whatever Control She Desires............A Symbiotic Process Of Art To Be Sure................And When It's "Working", A Flow Of Ethereal Bliss And Profound Relationship

20111008_144.jpg- Southern Abstract Artist
Recent Study - 2011-10

Art(S) Is About Thought
Art(S) Is About Idea
Art(S) Is Not About What You Place Above A Couch
(Or Museum Wall)
Art(S) Is About What You Place In Mind
In Consciousness
In Unconsciousness
In Nature

june18_5_01.jpg- Contemporary Art Gallery
Recent Study - 2014-6

Anything One Believes In Most Instances Must Be Viewed In The Context Of Pure Myth..............Precepts And Concepts Are In The Purview Of A Particular Moment, A Particular Time.......Hopefully, If We Survive Our Assault On This Planet, Our Human Minds Will Develop To A Point Of Recognition Of Simple Basic "Truths" Found In Nature That Are Outside The Conventions Of Myth And Invention

255study.jpg--Painting On Glass

What We Like To Call "Dark Energy" Really Is Not Dark At All.............It Is The Most Brilliant Light In The Evening Sky

p4210103.jpg- Contemporary Abstract Expressionism
Recent Study- 2012-4

Don't Think 100 Years From Now
(Seems To Be Becoming The Preferred Thought)
Think Now
For It Is Happening Now
And Faster Than Anyone Can Comprehend Or Imagine

p3084111.jpg- Contemporary Expressionist - Eco
Recent Study - 2011-3

Rewrite Our Future
(Awareness, Action, Doing The Right Thing)
Do It Now
The Sun(Nature) Is Fast Setting On What Could Have Been

pc210037.jpg-Neo Expressionism - Feral Image
Recent Study - 2012-12

Technology Will Not Save Us From Indifference

_20_01.jpg-Contemporary Abstract Expressionism
Recent Study - 2014-6

Peaceful Easy Waters Flow Through The Swamp Now.....A Barely Discernable Current In Its' Low Water State.........Egret, Heron, Water Turkey, Hawks In Constant View.......Many Of My Friends Are Missing.........Swallow Tail And Mississippi Kites But Two(Probably Habitat Loss From Storm)............Fish, Turtles, Frogs And Snakes In Greatly Reduced Numbers, Sadly.............Yet One Is Content With What Is There..........One Is Content With Their Presence And The Joy It Brings
--Life On The River

p4210162.jpg- Contemporary Image-Nature's Gift
Recent Study- 2012-4

The Earliest Europeans Passed By These Great Coral Reefs In Their Wooden Ships.............Now, Now These Caribbean Reefs(Happening All Over The World) Are Being Devastated At A Rate "Never Seen Before" According To Researchers.....(One Researcher Noted That The 2005 Die Off(In Research Area) Is Larger Than All The Previous 20 Years Combined)...........Cause--Record Hot Water, Then Disease--In Short, Only One Of Numerous Disasters Resulting From Global Warming

266study.jpg--Contemporary Abstraction

99.9 Percent Of All Species That Inhabited Earth Over The History Of The Planet Are Now Extinct

20111008_62.jpg- Contemporary Painting-Abstraction
Recent Study - 2011-10

Dimension(Other Than The One I Have To Occupy) Becomes Ever Clearer..............Constant Dialogue With Nature, Imagery Itself(Derived Of), Logic, Perception...........So Much Clearer Of Course When One Is Outside The Reality Of One's Own Mind(Being Human)............So Much Clearer Out There In The Mornings Before Light, Peering Up At The Heavens, Sensing, Sensing, Sensing All

274study.jpg--Contemporary Abstract Painting

Contemporary Abstract Painting

nov11g-015.jpg- Contemporary Louisiana Artist
Recent Study - 2013-11

There Is Never Anything Really Specific About Nature...........(Rather As Art).............Only Certainty

20110824_12.jpg- Conceptualism - Metaphor, Myth
Recent Study- 2011-8

Another Report Out
Twenty Five Percent Of All Species On Earth Could Be Lost To Extinction By 2050

june17_32_01.jpg- ShadowPlane - Abstract Art
Recent Study - 2014-6

Must Say It Again(And Again)................We Are A Consumptive Country Of Greed, Waste And Total Indifference To What Sustains Us(Planet-Nature)..................As We Use Up 30 Percent Of The Earth's Resources We Hold The Bulk Of Responsibility For What Is Occurring, What Is Yet To Occur.............It No Longer Is About The Future Of Our Children, And Their Children..............It Is About The Future Of The Species Itself...........And, Most Importantly, ALL Species On Earth

Painting On Glass
Painting Behind Glass
22 Caliber Rifle
Shotgun Work To Come
Sizes Variable
10x16 Inch Minimum


Care For This Planet
This Earth

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