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December, 2012

Are We Not Strangers On Our Own Planet?

pb300087.jpg- Kinetic Abstraction- Ecstatic Dance

It Is All A Grand Idea..........This Wonderful Life................The Great Experiment.....And, As With All Experiments, Destined For Success...............Or.................Failure

aug4_7_01.jpg- Progression?
Recent Study - 2014-8

aug4_19_01.jpg-Nature's Consciousness
Recent Study - 2014-8

Nature's Consciousness Is Far Beyond Our Present State Of Development
Glimpses, Yes......Perceived, Felt, Yes
Small Steps Along The Way Leading To A Whole
Art(S) A Major Component In The Process
For It, Probably More Than Anything Else, Is A Direct Connection To This Unfathomably Deep Consciousness.......It Is That Creative Spark Which Keeps A Species Alive, Developing, Changing, Thriving

pb240112.jpg- Inherency - Art And Nature

How Many Storms Does It Take To Turn The Tide?

pb250070.jpg- Evolving Perspective

Can We Sustain The Human Idea?

Carrying On A Tradition That Never Existed?

pc150036.jpg- Perception - Vision- Unseen, Unknown

It Is Within The Core Of One's Being.......And It Is Out There..........In Nature...........It Is Unknown But Easily Recognized........If One But Listens

auga-017.jpg- Art - Function - Responsibility
Recent - Study - 2013-8

CO2 Levels Reached Another Record In 2011(390.9 Parts Per Million).........Other Heat Trapping Gases Also Climbed....Methane, Nitrous Oxide Just Two Of Them.......And All We Get From "World Leaders" Are "Non Binding Targets"...........Results Of These Increasing Levels Are Well Documented(Look It Up!)........And We, Like The Canary In The Mine, Await Our Own Sorry Fate

aug4_45_01.jpg- Art -Stimulus - Response
Recent Study - 2014-8

Grasp Of The Winds Of Positive Change
Live It
Become An Asset
Live Nature
Live Art
Live The Rewards And Richness Of Knowledge And Wonder
Live All

aug4_32_01.jpg- Necessity Of Art
Recent Study - 2014-8

Someone Is Killing Porpoises In The Gulf.......Shootings, Stabbings, Mutilations.....What Kind Of Creature Are We?..........To Destroy Such A Magnificent Species In Such Heinous Fashion?.........No Doubt A Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Resident..........No Surprise There.........So Very Very Sad That The Acts Are Occurring................Even Sadder Still That We Are Responsible

pb250119.jpg- Mixed Media Abstract Art

Certainty Carries Its' Own Silence
The Red Horizon
Stunning In Its' Ominous Beauty

pc020140.jpg- Mixed Media Assemblage

Nature Is Not About "Us"

Detail Is In The Mist Of The Vacuum

pc070048.jpg- Universality - Art As Helix

Future Already Exist Based On Our Present Actions And Behavior..........Yes, It Is Possible To Change What Already Exist.....Out There, Well Ahead Of Us............Waiting.....Simple Changes In Thought, Idea, The Way We Think.........And..............A New Future Is Ours For The Making

jan25_62_01.jpg- Species Extinction - (Us)
Recent Study - 2014-1

Blink......Blink...........And Maybe Blink Again.......Another One And One Half Acres Of Rainforest Just Disappeared..........Ignorance, Greed Rule Again..........(Suggestion--Research The Severe Impacts).......Everything On This Planet Is Dependent, Connected To This Enormously Rich System..........As It Moves Toward Obliteration, Sometime Between 2020 And 2050 So..........Do........We

may8_24_01.jpg- Why?
Recent Study - 2014-5

The Children
December 14, 2012
How Do We Survive Ourselves?

pc140005.jpg- New Art - Technique And Process

Has Human Lost The Ability To "Sense" The Difference Between "Right" And "Wrong"?.....Is "Doing The Right Thing" Just A Dream?

pc250028.jpg- Lyricism - Kineticism

We Shoulder More Responsibility Than We Would Like To Think.......We Are, As Far I Humbly Know, The Only Society(Species) On Earth That Creates Monsters That Kill Or Maim For No Reason..........Aberrations Do Occur In Nature........But Only Briefly!

p1310033.jpg- Southern Expressionism
Recent Study - 2013-2

Essence In Purity Of Event
Passages Through Darkness Lightly

auga-015.jpg- Art And Dimension
Recent Study - 2013-8

Economies Based On Service
Not Consumerism And Greed

Art And The Elusive Landscape Which Precedes The Darkness

aug4_36_01.jpg- Painting On Glass
Recent Study - 2014-8

When The Solution Within The Solution So Plainly Seen Within The Solution Itself........Even

pb240011.jpg- Contemporary Expressionist - Eco

Our Greatest Tool Toward Recreating Ourselves
Toward A Healthy, Sustaining Planet
Not Through "Social Media" Though(No Intelligence There To Be Sure)
But Through Social Consciousness
And The Swift Change It Can Bring

pc130124.jpg- Simple Things

If We Would But Love Nature With The Passion That We Love The Idea Of Ourselves, What A Fine Planet Would This Be

pb250004.jpg- Feral Abstraction

Have We Developed An Ego That Supercedes Our Present State Of Development?.....Really?......We Are A Very Young Species, Less Than 200,000 Years Old, In Our Present State..............A Species Also Full Of Fantastic Potential.............But Does Our Intelligence Come Up To Stuff?..........Are We What We Think We Are?...........If So, Then Why Would Such A Citizen Of This Earth Destroy Its' Own Habitat, Kill And Maim One Another, Consume To Aberrant Excess, On And On And On..............?.......If So, Why Do We Not See That Our Fate Lies Within The Fate Of This Planet(Nature)?.................If So, Why Do We Not See That Nature Will(And Is) Stem The Tide Of Destruction Being Created By One Of Its Very Recent Species?

Recent Study - 2014-8

Was It Before?.......Was It?...........Imagined Necessity...........Winter Dreams.......Messages.............Metaphor........Certainty Exempt From Reason

pb260123.jpg- Idea - Nature -- New Art, New Myth

A World Of Absurdity And Facade
Why Do Humans Seek Answers In So Many Of The Wrong Places?
Forget The Academicians, Scientist, Politicians, Other Geniuses
Use Common Sense
Over 90 Percent Of Our Atmosphere Contained Within Thirty Miles(A Leisure Drive)
9-12 Billion People On Earth By 2050
Economies Based On Consumerism And Greed
Get It?

pb240089.jpg- Nature's Consciousness

Art(S) Is What Defines Us
The "Art World" Is What Shames Us

Paint Transfers
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Physical Image Recycled


Care For This Planet
This Earth

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