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Color - Chaos - Concept

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December, 2010

Art - Colour - To "See" As We Have Never Seen Before

july17_14_01.jpg- Course?
Recent Study - 2014-7

p6290037.jpg- Agit
Recent Study - 2013-6

jan13-024.jpg- Source - Resource
Recent Study - 2014-1

Colour As A Concept Derived Of Mind Through Interaction With Nature With Particular Attributes, Evolving As Necessary And Needed In The Environs It Serves.............Concept-Idea Of Color Will Continue To Evolve And Serve But Will We Evolve With It?(Final Visions Of Grey?)

july18_48_01.jpg- Art - Stimulus - Response
Recent Study - 2014-7

jan14_71_01.jpg-Art - Stimulus - Response
Recent Study - 2014-1

p9120048.jpg- Light Abstract
Recent Study - 2012-9

p5140033.jpg- The Fine Experiment
Recent Study - 2012-5

20110926_76.jpg- Chaos As Percept
Recent Study - 2011-9

2011- Thematic Vatiations - Studies - Set I

jan14_7_01.jpg-Non Representational Artist
Recent Study - 2014-1

july18_1_01.jpg- Beyond Colour
Recent Study - 2014-7

Chaos Of Deconstruction.......Energy Metamorphosing..........Firmament Of Reconstruction.........Energy Coalescing........Symbiosis And Cylic Evolution

_40_01.jpg-Contemporary Abstract Expressionism
Recent Study - 2014-7

p3230165.jpg- The Irrelevant
Recent Study - 2012-3

july18_28_01.jpg- Current Image - Present Myth
Recent Study - 2014-7

How Does One Whose Dialogue Is With Nature Apply Colour To Urban Myth?

20110926_36.jpg- Art - Energy
Recent Study - 2011-9

Colour Dependent On Light?
Images Of Mind Self Contained And Of Their Own Special Radiance?
The Dream(For Those Fortunate Enough To Dream In Color)?
The Imagined Stream Of Dark Matter Contained Within Universe(S)?
The Single Photon Somewhere Out There In Space Traveling To Our Consciousness?
Object In A Darkened Room Awaiting Our Mind?
Chaotic Frenzy Of Colliding Galaxies, Universes Even, And Unseen Particles Finding Their Way Through Our Very Confined Space?
Within The Mind.....All.......Beyond Even The Limiting Convolutions Of Brain?
That Spectacular Consciousness Which Passes Through All.....Creating.....Simply Creating

pb060082.jpg- Catalyst - Concept - Creation
Recent Study - 2012-11

Certainly There Are Spaces And Places Out There, Dimensionally And Physically By Distance, Where Other Parts Of A Spectrum Are In Use....Perhaps Our End Of The Spectrum Is Not Even Used, Save For The Awareness That It Does Exist......How Would This Change Perspective And Perception?......How Would Art Be Viewed?.......What Are The Availabilities Of Other Constructs?............How Does The Visual Dialogue Change Social Nature?............How Would Our Visual Vocabulary Compare To Theirs?...Are We Evolving In This Direction?.........Or, Perhaps, In A Completely New Direction?

p3220019.jpg- Contemporary Abstractionist
Recent Study - 2012-3

Sheer Ecstasy Of Colour
Pure In Sublime Rhythm And Movement
Dancing About In The Mind, Creating, Resonating To The Particular Synapse
Each Its' Own Note, Vertical, Awaiting The Next
It Is, After All, A Gift Within Our Unique Evolution

july18_7_01.jpg- Systematics
Recent Study - 2014-7

20111027_41.jpg- Contemporary Image-Nature's Gift
Recent Study - 2011-10

Color......Everpresent In So Many Forms........Even Though We May Not "See" It, It Is There

p3220071.jpg- Transcension -Art And Experience
Recent Study - 2012-3

Logical Use Of Colour......Spectrum....(S).......Scales............Is Solely Dependent On The Species It Serves

20110926_85.jpg- Gifts Of Prometheus
Recent Study - 2011-9

New Year - 2011 - New Studies

july18_56_01.jpg-New Horizons-Redefining Art
Recent Study - 2014-7

Emotive Use Of Colour?.........What Hasn't Been Written About That?........ Juxtapositions? .....Relationships? ...... Ditto...............Perhaps Now Best To Utilize Time And Process To Develop Further And Future Use Of Colour ......View It For What It Is........Perhaps Even View It As A Natural, Evolving, Form
If We Can Separate "Ourselves" From It Then We Can Understand It

p3220135.jpg- Southern Expressionism
Recent Study - 2012-3

Perhaps Sometimes.....Often Even......It May Better Serve One To Look At Other Parts Of The Spectrum........Maybe Outside That Even
Color In Nature Is A Continuing Process Of Evolution......Sometimes One Thinks That In Human It Is More A Matter Of De-Evolution

p1170036.jpg- Neo Expressionism- Feral Image
Recent Study - 2013-1

Kayaking In The Swamp........After Thanksgiving Now And Splashes Of Color Still Line The River Banks....Color That Not So Long Ago Never Would Have Been There As It Stems From An Introduced, Very Evasive Species, The Chinese Tallow...........Colours Create Quite An Interesting Conflict In The Mind........The Sheer Beauty Of The Yellows, Golds, Reds And Purples As Contrasted To The Stark Reality That Another Species Is Deprived Of Its' Space And Right To Existence By Yet Another Species Which Human Introduced..........Best Now One Guesses To Just Enjoy The Passages Of Colors Through The Seasons With The Knowledge That At Some Point Nature Will Take Care Of Another Of Our Mistakes
--Life On The River

ap18_60_01.jpg-Contemporary Image-Nature's Gift
Recent Study - 2014-4

To See Freely
Do We?
Or Do Societal Mechanisms Dictate Otherwise?
Is Our Vision Now Directed By Media(Human Intervention, Manipulation and Conditioning)?
Is What Developed Our Vision And Senses Of Colour, Nature, Under Assault From The Frenzied Mass, The Obscurity Of Conveyance And Consumption Without Purpose?
Do We?

20111027_68.jpg- Paint Sculpture
Recent Study - 2011-10

Would Music As We Know It Exist Without Color?
Would Human Perception Differ?
Would Sensitivity?
Would Quality Of Vision......And........Life?
(Definitely Can't Imagine Poetry Without It)

july18_37_01.jpg- Nature's Consciousness
Recent Study - 2014-7

To Reinvent Our Use Of Colour.....Bits Of Our Natural Response To Color Still Remain, Though Fading Fast.....Conditioned Colour Response Another Matter........Urban Response Too......Some Sort Of "Steady State" Seens Now To Exist.......With The Obvious Exception That We Have Lost Many Of Our Colour "Relationships" To Nature, Thus Our Palette Has Diminished.........Maybe A Good Time To View Color For What Else It Is, In All Its' Sublime And Chaotic Wonder.......Maybe Time To Develop An Acute Awareness To It, And Develop It To New Heights.....Maybe Time To Bring Nature Back To The Fore.....For As It Evolves There, It Should Also Evolve Here

pb060072.jpg-Lyricism - Expressionism - Kineticism
Recent Study - 2012-11

Sure, So Much Is There In Our Daily Lives But Do We "See" It?........Sure, We Are Saturated To The Max With It, But Do We "See" It?.........Sure, We Are Now Desensitized To It, Barely Aware That It Exist.......Sure, There Is Artificial Assimilation And There Is Natural Awareness.........And Sure, It Should Be A Useful And Purposeful Adjunct To Our Awareness And Our Development

p2203392.jpg- Southern Expressionism
Recent Study - 2011-2

Celebratory Event That It, Color, Should Be Each And Every Moment One Experiences It..........Something Very Special Locked Deep And Very Narrowly Within A Changing, Developing Spectrum(S) Of Universe(S) And Mind

p3220084.jpg- Inherency
Recent Study - 2012-3

There Can Be No Such Thing As An Answer As It Should Lead Only To Another Set Of Questions, Thoughts, Ideas

p6300009.jpg- Contemporary Abstract Art
Recent Study - 2013-7

Certainly A Principal Function Of Colour Is To Describe............Maybe The Most Compelling Component Of Color Though Is To Define

p9110122.jpg-Neotericism- New Art, New Myth
Recent Study - 2012-9

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