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June, 2009

Nature's Gift To Us Is Ourselves
Please Reciprocate
Give Back

p7090025.jpg- Art Recycled
Recycled Art - 2012-7

july7_59_01.jpg- Progression?
Recent Study - 2014-7

p9040100.jpg- Art And Dimension
Recent Study - 2012-9

ap7_42_01.jpg-Children Of The Sun
Recent Study - 2014-4

p3160025.jpg- Art - Life - Lifestyle
Recent Study - 2012-3

Never Do I Cease Of Her Wonder.....The Simple Things...........Light Dancing On Waves Of Wind And Tide, Punctuated By Shadow Beneath.....The Resonant Sound Of Waves  Vibrating To The Strings Of A Distant Storm...............Paddling Off Mouth Of The Crystal River In The Big Bend Area Of Florida.....Something I Have Done Countless Times Before As I Will Again......Each Experience Is Unique, Profoundly Touching, Moving--Here, Clear Waters And Shell Shoals Which Delight In Etching New Designs On The Hull Of My Kayak.....And Just Off The Mouth Of The River, A Small Island Of Mangrove At Which I Encountered What I Thought Were My Friends, The Porpoises......Large Fins Rising Above Water's Surface, Cutting And Turning And Feeding.........Strange........They Did Not Surface For Air And, As I kept Watching, To My Delight I Realized I Was Viewing A Small School Of Large Sharks.....(And I Thought Seeing Swallow Tail Kites En Route To The Launch Was A Perfect Way To Start The Day)......I Left Them(Or, They Left Me) To Continue Through The Shoals Toward Shell Island, Encountering More Friends Along The Way..........Pelicans, Osprey, Cormorants, Gulls And Terns.....And Then, There They Were, A Pod Of Porpoises Feeding In The Shallows......What Incredible Power And Force And Intelligent Grace.....All Creatures On This Planet Are Possessed Of A Particular "Specialness" But The Mammals Of The Sea Represent A Function And Form And Yes, One-ness Which Is Mesmerizing To Experience...........They Allowed Me Entry Into The Midst Of The Pod, Unperturbed By My Silent Presence, Dashing Here And There About My Kayak, Occassionally Exchanging Glances......So Captured By This Gift Of Experience I Did Not Notice What Was Coming Up Behind Me Out In The Gulf....A Magnificent Thunder Storm Complete With Waterspout..............So I Left My Friends And Paddled, Rather Briskly, Back To The Launch, Seeing Two More Water Spouts On The Way.......It Is About Wonder, Isn't It?.............For Just To Be Here, To Be Chosen To Be Here By Nature's Evolving Hand Is Just That, A Wonder

20110916_35.jpg- Contemporary Art - New Image
Recent Study - 2011-9

What Happens In Some Far Off Galaxy Or Universe Or Universes Also
Happens Here
Evolving Processes Require No Time Or Space............Even
They Are The Dark Matter, The Mind, Of Nature
All Encompassing

p1110047.jpg- Art - Stimulus - Response
Recent Study - 2013-1

july7_4_01.jpg- Non Objective Art
Recent Study - 2014-7

ap7_35_01.jpg- Inherency - Art And Nature
Recent Study - 2014-4

20111205_90.jpg- Contemporary Artist-Environmental
Recent Study - 2011-12

Cedar Key
So Perfectly Cast And Formed By The Sun.......So Intricate In Detail Of Nature's Workmanship..Etched Lines And Perfectly Smooth Borders........Driftwood....Of Bountiful Supply And Seeking Only The Eyes Of The Occassional Traveler Out At Atsena Otie Key And Snake Key Off Coast From Cedar Key, Florida (What A Splendid Place This Now Commercial Attraction Must Have Been).....So Much, So Very Much To See And Experience At These Islands(Seahorse Key Closed By Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge Because Of Nesting Birds).....Must Return When Reopens.........Porpoises In Abundant Supply As Well As Shorebirds......Cormorant Were Everywhere, In Trees And Upon Remains Of Tree Branches Jutting Above The Shore's Waters.....Totally Oblivious Were They To My Paddling Within A Few Feet Of Their Domain....Their Solitude Was My Solitude......Gulls, Terns, Pelicans And Countless Shorebirds Orchestrated My Day Of Delight As I Both Paddled And Walked The Stretches Of Available Beaches.......At Snake Key A Fascinating Shoal Jutting Out On The West Side Of The Island Provided A Wonderful Encounter With Dozens Of Stingrays(Step Lightly) As I Waded Out Across The Flat.....Incoming Tide Was Strong But Nonexistent To These Powerful Creatures.....One Of The Stingrays Main Predators, The Hammerhead Shark, Swam Within Inches Of Me As I Continued Wading.......Only A Three Footer He Would Never Be A Threat To Me....He Was Only Going About This Bright, Sunny Day Making His Living In His Own Unique Manner........On The Quieter South Side Of The Island, Horseshoe Crabs Mating At The Edge Of The Shore...........The Paddle Back Was As Perfect As The One Out......More Of My Feathered Friends, Including Great Blue Heron, Lesser Blues And Glossy Ibis........And To Cap It Off The Final Few Hundred Yards Of Perfect Paddling, Magnificent Frigate Birds Soared Above Me, Signaling The End Of Another Day Of Natural Process And Event

_27_01.jpg-Abstract Artist-Art, Nature, Wonder
Recent Study - 2014-3

If We Are, What Are We?
Is Our Methodology The Madness Of The Unpossessed?
Do We Follow The Patterned Dream Of Absurdity In Logic And Detail?
Are We At The Edge Looking Down?
What Is Left In Our Character That Will Delineate And Define Our Future?
What Are We?
And What........Is To Happen?

20111021_65.jpg- Art - Moment - Event
Recent Study - 2011-10

Nature - Perspective - Non Objective Art

july7_67_01.jpg- Louisiana Artist Gallery
Recent Study - 2014-7

20111205_49.jpg-Abstract Expressionism- Icon, Myth
Recent Study - 2011-12

Manatee Springs State Park
One Of Florida's Finest......Deeply Shaded, Quiet Campsites, Ideal Location To Explore The Coastal Big Bend Area.......In Addition To A  Marvel Of A Spring Gushing 70-150 Million Gallons A Day Of 72 Degree Crystal Clear Water, Wildlife Abounds.....White Tail Deer Leisurely Stroll Through My Campsite, Along With Raccoons, Oppossum, Squirrels, Armadillos.......Birdlife Is Plentiful, From Song Birds To Birds Of Prey......And, Importantly, There Is A Quiet Peace Which Graces This Place Along The Edge Of The Lower Suwanee River......

p6110086.jpg- Non Objective Art
Recent Study - 2013-6

A Day Spent Paddling (Being In Nature)
Is As A Day In The Studio
One, An Experience Of Directness
The Other, Moments Of Sublime Realization
Both Interactive
Both Thought Provoking
Both Creating Windows
To Open Seas Of Exploration And Discovery

20110916_37.jpg- Symbiosis - Art And Mutualism
Recent Study - 2011-9

New Year - 2011 - New Studies

p1282886.jpg- Non Representational Art
Recent Study - 2012-1

Shell Mound Area
Lower Suwanee National Wildlife Refuge
A True Wilderness Area....And One Of Archaelogical Significance As Artifacts Of Previous Indian Populations Are Present On The Shell Ridges...An Area Of Marsh Giving Way To Countless Islands Before Entry Into The Gulf.....An Area Off  The Tourist Chart, Most Visitors Local Fishermen, Occassional Bird Watchers, Nature Lovers ......Fortunately The Federal Government Owns Vast Tracts In This Area.......Not To Be Exploited But Simply Enjoyed......A Wet Butt Was In Order As Gulf Was Somewhat Rough On This Day.......Part Of It......Just As Enjoyable As An Evening Stroll.........Returned To The Marsh, Kicked My Legs Over The Side Of My Kayak And Drifted With The Incoming Tide........Gulf Waves And Wind Were As Part Of The Silence Echoing Around Me As Mind Was Of Tranquil State Devoid Of Intricacy Or Detail Or Excess.......It Is That Ultimate State Of Freedom Found Only In Nature......Only In The Art Of Creation Itself

july7_25_01.jpg-Light Flow-The Painted Plane
Recent Study - 2014-7

20111205_52.jpg- Contemporary Expressionism-Enviro
Recent Study - 2011-12

The Sublime Gift Of Sharing

20111205_93.jpg- Art And Relevancy
Recent Study - 2011-12

Each And Every Day In One's Life Should Be Treated As An Adventure......An Adventure Of Mind And Thought And Idea.....An Adventure Of Connection......With.....Nature......With All Things....With One Another......An Adventure Of Understanding Creation And Evolved Destiny....An Adventure Of Spirit....An Adventure Of Wonder...An Adventure Of Delight Of What It Is To Simply Be

p6110065.jpg- Art And Contemporary Perception
Recent Study - 2013-6

As Much As I Delight In My Excursions Into Nature I Really Do Miss The Physical Act Of Art Itself....Out Here, In The Woods And Out In The Gulf Chasing Islands, One Is Inundated With Thought-Idea-Feeling........All Of It Will Find Its' Way Into The Art....And None Of It Preconceived......It Emerges From Somewhere Deep Within.....The, Yes, Lessons And Experiences From Days Of Paddling And Walking And Listening And Learning.....It Is A Wonderfully Simple Process........That Reciprocal Thing.......One Wholely Dependent On The Other............Connection

20110916_66.jpg- Truths - Species Extinction (Us)
Recent Study - 2011-9

Everglades National Park
To Be Continued Very Soon
Not Going To Spend Time Here(Can Be Found In Other Parts Of This Site) Writing Of What Used To Be(Everglades Are Half Their Original Size), What Is Happening As Far As Restoration(Not Really That Much) Or Endangered And Threatened Species(And They Are Many).....No, I  Am Simply Going To Say, Briefly, That They Are Reflective Of An Ecosystem Like No Other......One Which Speaks So Eloquently To One As Soon As One Enters......Must Return Soon, Very Soon........They Are Of That Sort Of Voice.............As Soon As One Enters The Mangrove Islands One Is Caught Up In Her Magic......It Is More Than Sheer Beauty.....It Is Life......And.............Her Complete Wonder......... Paddled A Small Section Of Thousand Islands Area......It Is A Maze Of Wonder.........One I Do Not Mind At All Getting Lost In.......For In This Instance Getting Lost Is Finding One's Way
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Paint Transfer
On-To Glass
10x16 Inch Minimum Size


Care For This Planet
This Earth

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