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Neo-Abstraction - Empirical Notions

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September, 2006

275icon.jpg--Lyrical Abstraction

Lyrical Abstraction?--Neo Expressionism?--Natural Logic?

june21_83_01.jpg- Art And Dimension
Reent Study - 2014-6

june21_70_01.jpg-Art As Ultimate Dialogue
Recent Study - 2014-6

p4230038.jpg- Inherency
Recent Study - 2012-4

Experience Is Knowledge
Experientia Docet
Observation The Root
Awareness The Key

20111010_90.jpg- Neo Expressionism-Feral Image
Recent Study - 2011-8

Feral Abstraction -- Environmental Diatribe

p3310050.jpg- Contemporary Artist- Environmental
Recent Study - 2013-4

Evening's Gate
Deeply Shaded Forms.............Indistinct Visions..........Lines And Forms Blurred By Diminished Perspective, Sight, Sound Even...........Color Quiet, Retreating To The Dark End Of The Spectrum.............Something Is Forming, Taking Shape, Awaiting The Light Of A New Day........Perhaps A New Time..............Even

june21_77_01.jpg-Neotericism-New Art, New Myth
Recent Study - 2014-6

Truths--World Without Art

20110828_60.jpg- Environmental Abstraction
- Recent Study -2011-8

Consensus As To Where "Space Starts" Appears To Be 62 Miles..........Some Say More............Others, Less..........Not Very Far...........Not Far At All.............Driving The Speed Limit Will Get One There In About An Hour..........More Amazing Though Is The Fact That 99 Percent Of Our Atmosphere Is Contained In Half That Distance, Roughly Two And One Half Times The Length Of Manhatten Island..............Thirty Precious Miles........Thirty Fragile Life Sustaining Miles Between Us And Oblivion If We Continue Our, Yes, Conscious Assault On This Environment, This Planet

p4010029.jpg- Southern Art - Environmental Artist
Recent Study - 2013-4

Seems To Be Some Concern Over Asteroids Striking Earth In The Future..................Needn't Worry...........Our "Impact" On Earth Will Supercede That Of Most Asteroids

p8230102.jpg- Contemporary Abstract Artist
Recent Study - 2012-8

Contemporary Abstract Artist

june21_3_01.jpg-Abstract Expressionism-Icon, Myth
Recent Study - 2014-6

When Color Is Something More Than It Is
That Cognitive Event Of Wonder
The Is Of Something Else
Acts Of Unconsciousness
Finely Felt
Then Again, There Is The Specialness Of Color Itself
Sight........Wonder...............Being Itself
No Particular Reason
As The Pleasure Of Good Company

nov25m-022.jpg- Abstract Expressionist
Recent Study - 2013-11

To Cause To Develop Out Of A Primitive State
Characterized By Taste, Refinement, Or Restraint
A Relatively High Level Of Cultural And Technological Development

298icon.jpg--Contemporary Abstract Artist

Water Scarcity Is A Growing Concern For Our Exploding Population................Presently, 1.1 Billion People Live Without Safe Drinking Water While 2.6 Billion People Are At Risk.........Nearly 6,000 Children Under The Age Of Five Die Each Day From Diarrhea Related Diseases.........Agriculture Accounts For 70 Percent Of Water Use With 20 Percent For Industrial Purposes

nov23l-011.jpg- Contemporary Mixed Media Artist
Recent Study - 2013-11

Recent Further Disclosures On Global Warming
Global Warming Nears 'Dangerous' Level
--Average Temperature Close To Million Year High--
Earth Has Warmed Nearly .36 Degress Fahrenheit In Last 30 Years
Another 1.8 Degrees Will Equal Maximum Temp Of Past Million Years
2-3 Degrees Celsius Increases Will Bring Earth To Conditions Of 3 Million Years Ago(Middle Pliocene) When Sea Levels Were About 80 Feet Higher Than Today
Zonal Temperature Movement(Northward) Is Occurring At A Rate Of About 25 Miles Per Decade

june21_27_01.jpg-Contemporary Abstract Painting
Recent Study - 2014-6

United States Population Will Reach 300 Million In Mid October.........Thirty Nine Years Ago Population Was 200 Million, Ninety One Years Ago, 100 Million............The U.S. Is The Third Largest Population In The World, After China And India...
Interesting Statistics From The Census Bureau Report:
--Twenty Percent More Developed Land Is Occupied By Each American From Only 20 Years Ago
--Each American Uses Three Times The World Average Of Water
--Over Half The Countries Wetlands Have Been Lost
--Nearly 1,000(Known--No Doubt Many More) Plant And Animal Species Are Threatened Or Endangered(85 Percent Due To Habitat Loss Or Alteration
--The U.S. Still Consumes 25 Percent Of The World's Energy(With Only 5 Percent Of The World's Population)
--U.S. Has Highest Per Capita Consumption Of Oil Worldwide
--Each American Produces About 5 Pounds Of Trash Per Day(5 Times The Rate Of Developing Countries)

_54_01.jpg- Contemporary Abstract Expressionist
Recent Study - 2014-6

In All Likelihood, An Entire Species Just Left This Earth Forever.............Difficult To Imagine What It's Like To Be The Last Surviving Member Of A Species..........Extinction Is A Natural Condition Of Nature............Some Things Just Don't Work.............But When That Extinction Is Of Human Cause(Which The Vast Majority Are), That Is Inexcusable

20120119_90.jpg- Fractionalization
Recent Study - 2012-1

The Ozone Hole Over Antartica Has Set A New Record........The Hole Encompasses 11.2 Million Square Miles, As In The Record Year 2000, But Is Now Deeper, Bringing Lost Ozone To 40 Million Tons As Opposed To 39 Million In 2000......Ozone Is The Shield That Protects Earth From Ultraviolet Radiation

20110828_39.jpg- Symbiosis - Art And Mutualism
Recent Study - 2011-8

Approximately One Fifth Of The Earth's Population(1.1 Billion) Live On Less Than One Dollar A Day........India Accounts For The Largest "Number" Of People, 380.6 Million(1/3 India's Population) Living On Less Than $1 A Day..........Nine African Countries Account For The Largest "Percentage" Of People In The UN Study

june21_73_01.jpg- Exigency
Recent Study - 2014-6

nov23l-024.jpg-Abstract Artist- Art, Nature, Logic
Recent Study - 2013-11

Environmental Abstraction -- Reflectionism

pc240069.jpg- Painting On Glass
Recent Study - 2012-12

Our "Civilization", As We Presently "Know It", Will Disappear.......That Is Now A Determination Of Nature.......Fortunately, We Still Have The Option Of Continuance As A Species...........But That Option Is Fading Rapidly.............Billions Of Species Have Come Before............As Billions More Will Come................Somewhere In That Mix Is The Human Story..............Will It Continue To Be Told?
Web Site II - Click On Image

No Longer Reason For Compromise........We Have Lost That Privilege...............Yes, Applaud Those Few Attempting To Reverse The Rapidly Progressing Environmental Tide Of Destruction................But "Long Range", Gradual Programs To Correct Greed Inspired Assaults(Emissions, Development, Etc.) On This Planet Are Now Futile Attempts To Stem A Tsunami Of Natural(Corrective) Disasters................Our Only Course Is A Drastic One.................We Must Learn To Control Ourselves...............We Must Rewrite Our Own History.............We Must Assume Responsibility For Our Actions.........We Must, Simply, Return To Nature

mar7_22_01.jpg-Neo Expressionism-Feral Image
Recent Study - 2014-3

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