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April, 2011

july20_17.jpg- Progression?
Recent Study - 2014-7

Positive Idea Will Be Used
(Natural Function)

20111213_48.jpg- Art And Idea
Recent Study - 2011-12

Images And Icons As Remnants Of Idea?
Brief Thoughts And Actions And Processes In Catalytic Movement Through The Night Of Discovery?
Signpost And Signals?
And Ultimate Dust?
Spent, Devoid Of Energy Of Reason Or Purpose Even?
Energy As Carrier Of Idea?
Idea As Carrier Of Energy?

p7180021.jpg- Paint Sculpture
Recent Study - 2012-7

jan15_84_01.jpg- Non Representational Artist
Recent Study 2014-1

20111213_64.jpg- New Techniques In Art
Recent Study - 2011-12

Formlessness Is Form?
Irrelevancy Of Function?
Views From Afar So Clearly Near?
Changing Equation?
Who(What) Are We Speaking To?

july20_50.jpg- Nature's Consciousness
Recent Study - 2014-7

Consciousness Of Discovery Prior To Event?
Idea As Part Absorbed Into The Whole?
Absence Of Idea As Absence Of Energy?
(Non Existence Even?)

p1010070.jpg-Symbiosis - Art And Mutualism
Recent Study - 2013-7

Causal Myths, Fractious Voids, Perfunctory Details, The Dark, Lifeless Comet Of Known?
(Evolve Or Perish?)
Does Shadow Cross Our Consciousness?
Tendencies In Art To Repeat The Inevitable Failures That Came Before?
(Academic Reference?)
Irreverency Of Redundancy?

july20_26.jpg- Contemporary Expressionist - Eco
Recent Study - 2014-7

Without Idea There Is No Freedom?
Without Freedom There Is No Idea?
Sight Of Mind?
Mind Of Sight?
What Is That Whisper Of Freshness Which Fills The Music Of The Universe(S)?
What Is The "Art" Of Any Species?

p3294976.jpg- Beyond Concept

Blank Page
Empty Canvas
Dark Stage
Awaiting Idea
Awaiting Energy
What Else Could Be More Exciting?
Chasing That Unknown
Simple Things That Matter
Simple Things That Matter Most

p1010048.jpg- Feral Abstraction
Recent Study - 2013-7

Can True Definition Exist?
(Exegetic Impossibility?)

pb080066.jpg-Shattered Image- Fractured Dreams
Recent Study - 2012-11

Wisdom An Accumulation Of Positive Energy And Idea Serving No Function But Its' Own Development?
(Listen To The Elders?)
Everything Gets Recycled
Why Not Art?

20111213_86.jpg- Gifts Of Prometheus - Art, Myth

Magic Of Idea Is The Source?
Pure Ecstacy Of New Thought Wrought From The Void?
Wonder Of What(Idea) Once Was Not Now Is?
Simple Joys

jan15_78_01.jpg-New Developments In Art
Recent Study - 2014-1

Tyrants, Despots May Destroy Art, Burn Books, Stop Performances, Destroy Studios, Incarcerate Artist(Or Worse) But They Cannot Destroy Or Even Suppress The Absolute Freedom Of Idea....Freedom Is Central To Idea And It Will Prevail In Many Forms, Many Fashions Through Splendid Source, Splendid Reason, Splendid Reference....
Artist-Idea--A Very Moving Force!

july20_33.jpg- Chaos As Percept
Recent Study -2014 - 7

Perhaps Something Is Happening Laterally, Away From The Trunk?......Phylogeny Best Viewed In Circular Detail And Fashion?
(All Things Equal?)
Time-Space Ill Spent On Precious Redundancy?
(Myth-Mirth Of The Misbegotten?)

p3240037.jpg- Fine Art? - Fine Consciousness?
Recent Study 2012-3

Immutable Processes And Events Spiraling Into Their Own Gravity Of Indifference, Met By Nothing But The Silence Of Finality?
(Necessity Of Oblivion?)
Why Are We Strangers To Positive Acts And ideas?
Silence Of Reason?
(Ethos Revisited?)

p3254845.jpg- Art And Urgency

Non Objective Avenues Through The Great Maze Of Unknown Passages Relying On No Instrument But Thought Itself?
(Empirical Approaches?)
Unacknowledged Masters And Minds Across Universes Of Idea Creating The Streaming Environment Of Energy Fast Becoming Consciousness?
(Far And Near Of Discovery?)

july20_37.jpg-Nature-Perspective-Non Objective Art
Recent Study - 2014-7

Garish. Aren't They?
(Gawdy Is Good?)

p3264865.jpg- Abstract Artist - Art, Nature, Logic

Residuals Lay In The Dust
Gathering No Storm
Presenting No Peril
Energy Now Scattered To The Elements

july20_2.jpg- Image - Icon - Idea
Recent Study - 2014-7

Illuminatory Spirit Of Things Unknown, Things Unseen?
(Voyage Of Necessity?)

p3264875.jpg- Blink - Art And Instant

Awareness Of Sound In Image(Or Any Art)?
(Processes Of Mind?)

p1010036.jpg- Universality - Art As Helix
Recent Study - 2013-7

Creative Streams
Conscious Streams
Of A Reciprocal Nature?
Or Parallel?
(Linear Detail?)

p3274910.jpg- Art And Internet - New Horizons

Clearly, Definition Outside The Frame?
(Reference Without Boundary?)

p1010026.jpg- Lyrical Expressionism
Recent Study - 2013-7

Conscious Recycling Of Useless, Unproductive Energy, Thought And Idea?
(Only The Useful-Positive Remain?)

july20_47.jpg- Paint Works
Recent Study - 2014-7

Archetype As Collective Consciousness Expressed Unconsciously Through Evolved Processes?
(Myth Of The Archetype?)

pb080107.jpg- Contemporary Mixed Media Artist
Recent Study - 2012-11

Realities And Realizations
On Being Human?
Is Art Becoming "Entertainment"?
Are "We" On The Short List?
Is Art(s) Becoming Inconsequential?
And Us?
Are We Losing Our Habitat?
Our Function?
(Negative Reciprocity?)

p7180026.jpg- Contemporary Art And Word
Recent Study - 2012-7

Earth Is Not A "Troubled" Planet For Nature Will Take Care Of Any Abuses Reaped Upon Her....We Though, Are A "Troubled" Species.......Corrective Processes Are Underway.....Will We Acknowledge Them?..............Will We Ever Learn To Live With One Another As Well As With This Planet?.......This, Natural Order?.............Ours Is A Very Fragile Niche.......Our Doing.......Our Making......What Fills Or Will Fill That Niche Is In Nature's Domain, Not Ours......Will We Change To Insure Our Continuance Within That Precious Niche?

Imagery Extinct


Care For This Planet
This Earth

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