Tom McNease Contemporary Art

McNease, Contemporary Abstract Artist

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Yes?...............Yes, Gaea?

Thus Spake

june26_76_01.jpg- Oasis
Recent Study - 2014-6

june25_80_01.jpg- Evolving Perspective
Recent Study - 2014-6

pc280157.jpg- 2013
Recent Study - 2012-12

p8260129.jpg- Contemporary Image- Nature's Gift
Phaeton Rises From The Dust Of Ancient Beds

To Be What We Are Not

p6260007.jpg- Paint Sculpture
Art Recycled

Natural Forms -- Celebration - Illumination

june25_69_01.jpg- Art - Stimulus - Response
Recent Study - 2014-6

dec1a-010.jpg- Temporality - Future Dust
Recent Study - 2013-12

Post Contemporary--Art Of The Future

p2243563.jpg- New Art - Technique And Process
Recent Study - 2011-2

The Arts -- Upon The Winds Of Change?

p4160057.jpg-Truths - Species Extinction - (Us)
Upon What Fate Does Clotho Now Spin?

Keep Repeating The Same Mistake
Day After Day
Or Is It?
Could The Mistake Be The "Object", The Focal Point, The Idea?
Could One Be Overlooking What Is Really There?
Could One Be One's Own Reluctant Victim Of Entrenched Idea?
Could One Be Betraying One's Own Deeply Held Beliefs?

Truths-- Species Extinction(Us)

june26_22_01.jpg-Inherency - Art And Nature
Recent Study - 2014-6

20110901_41.jpg- Art And Urgency
Recent Study - 2011-8

Gifts Of Prometheus -- Art, Myth, Dissolution

p4270052.jpg- Songs Without Words
And Clio, What Will You Remember?

Created To Be Destroyed----The True Function Of Any Artist, Any Form Of Art................Evolution Is The Very Heart, Substance And Sustenance Of Art(S)..........Relying On The Past, Perpetuating The Present(Contemporary), Runs Counter To The Creative Process Itself..............Indeed, To Nature

Nature's Consciousness

june25_62_01.jpg- Art Recycled
Recycled Art - 2014-6

p4160008.jpg-Creative Streans- Art, Act, Idea
Ceres Speaks Thusly Of Shame

Escaping The Gravity Of Thought(Established)
Escaping The Gravity Of Known(Established)
Escaping The Gravity Of Understood(Established)
Escaping The Gravity Of Finite Mind(Established)
Weak Forces Pulling One To A False Sense Of Security With Each Rising Sun
But The Exhilaration Of Ecstatic Life And Being Simply Are In The Unknown
An Affirmative Act Of Stepping Onto The Illuminatory Tracks Of Evolution And Enjoying The Absolute Freedom Of Creating Anew--Oneself, One's Thoughts, One's Mind
The "Rewarding" Brilliance Of Idea Awaits..............That Glorious Beacon Which Allows Release From The Gravitational Quagmire Of Established Thought And Deed

Contemporary Abstractionist--Idea, Form, Reason

_67_01.jpg- Kinetic Abstraction-Ecstatic Dance
Recent Study - 2014-6

Within Concept And Concept Art Specifically, Perhaps The Finest Example(Personification?) Would Be Space Itself

A Single Tree (Earth Day, April 22)

pa180016.jpg- The Irrelevant
Recent Study - 2012-10

p4160024.jpg- Neo Expressionism - Feral Image
Vishnu Weeps For The Sins Of Siva

Have We Lost The Essential Art Of Myth?
So Much Colour
So Much Imagination
So Much Illumination
And Enlightenment
Are We Creating Any "Worthwhile" Contemporary Myths?
Must We Wait For History To Make That Determination
Don't Really Know
Something Seems To Be Missing

Neo Expressionism--The Feral Image

p2243574.jpg- Kinetic Abstraction - Ecstatic Dance
And From Alfadur's Sea Will Rise

Kinetic Abstraction--Ecstatic Dance

dec1a-003.jpg-Contemporary Expressionist- Eco
And The Furies Wept

Brain Can Be A Very Cluttered Place, Can't It?...........So Much "Junk" Going On In There.............All Self Imposed Of Course...........That Convoluted Mass Started Pure Prior To Birth.............Amazing The Detritus We Insist On Placing In It After Birth..........The Feral Child Knows None Of This Of Course..............He(She-It) Is Free To Evolve And To Grow And To Explore The Wilderness Of The Pure

Contemporary Abstract Expressionism--Enviro-Expressionism

p4270041.jpg- Environmental Abstraction
Tree Of Alcina, Breathing Heavy

What Is That Stillness In Dark Colour?
Does It Reflect Anything Beyond Its' Own Uneven Energy?
Does It Inhabit Place And Space In Perpetual Primordia?
Or.............Or Is It Lost Forever To Expanding Light?
And, Reason

Environmental Abstraction--Reflectionism

p4160002.jpg- Post Contemporary Art
Bacchanals Dance To A Burning Orb

There Is Great Urgency

Contemporary Abstract Expressionist--Feral Expressionism

june26_49_01.jpg-Lyrical Abstraction-Natural Logic
Chief Of The Nibelungs--Guardian Of The Treasure

Lyrical Abstraction?--Neo Expressionism?--Natural Logic?

dec1a-021.jpg- World Without Art
From Blood Springs The Hyacinth

Every Individual(Human) On This Earth Can Make A Positive Difference In Contributing To Nourishment, Perpetuation, Betterment Of This Splendid Little Planet Earth..............Every Other Species Performs That Positive Role(Giving More Than Receiving) Because, Yes, They Are Part Of Earth, Of This Universe(S), Of Nature............It Is Simply A Matter Of Awareness And Self Education For Us To Continue............Profoundly Disappointing That There Seem To Be Few(If No) Signs That We Will Take The Necessary Steps To Stem This Red Tide Of Destruction Which Escalates With Each And Every Second

Truths--World Without Art

p4035214.jpg- Art And Idea
Graces Of Brilliance, Of Joy, Of Bloom

Art And Idea--Unknowns Becoming Known

june25_71_01.jpg- Non Objective Art
From Acis Descended

Perhaps We Are In A Period In Which Art Makes No "Sense" At All
Does That Make Sense?
Perhaps Art Should Reflect The Precarious State Of Our Species
Reflect What We Presently Are And Not Necessarily What We Can Be
Reflect Perhaps Through Absurdity The Condition Of A Species Determined To "Do Itself In"
Does That Make Any Sense?
Any Sense At All?

Non Objective Art--Abstract Form, Color, Tone

june26_64_01.jpg-Conceptual Art-Natural Imperative
From The Blood Of The Flower

Through The Mist Lightly
Obscure Events And Unremarkable Details
Hazards Of Navigation Through The Fog Of Lesser Known Reason(S)
Light Tracks--Energy--Staccato Messages Across The Front Of Closed Eyelids
Amorphous Forms And Sometimes Figures Speaking To No Thing But Themselves
And The Light Is Dark

Conceptual Art--Natural Imperatives

p3070054.jpg- Neo Abstraction - Empirical Notions
What Would Brunhild(Your Choice) Think Of Us Now?

As One Looks Back, Just A Few Thousand Years Even, One Is Struck By The Fact That If "They" Had Today's Technology(And Lost Sense Of Purpose--To Greed And Consumerism And Self Affirmation) We Would Have Gone Extinct Hundreds Of Years Ago.............Negative?..........Absolutely Not........That Is Nature

Neo-Abstraction--Empirical Notions

mar17_14_01.jpg-Southern Art - Environmental
Recent Study - 2014-3

When In Doubt
Repeat Nature
When In Doubt
Seek Harmony
When In Doubt
Listen To The Winds Of Silence
When In Doubt
Look Into The Mirrored Pool Of Calm Waters
And Listen
Just Listen

Image -- Icon -- Idea

dec1a-023.jpg- Contemporary Southern Artist
Recent Study - 2013-12

All That Has Come Before Is Dust

Contemporary Southern Artist

pc280163.jpg- Fractionalization
Recent Study - 2012-12

Contemporary Painting - Abstract Color, Tone, Form (Nature) At Web Site II

Paint Transfer Process
10x16 Inch Minimum Size


Care For This Planet
This Earth

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