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July, 2009

20111021_89.jpg- Art - Artifact
Recent Study - 2011-10

And Logical Patterns Of Thought
Coming From No Center
No Single Entity
It Is A Resonating Pattern Which Spans All Universes
It Is A Pattern Of Reason
But Not As We Would Apply(For With Us Reason For Some Inexplicable Reason Applies Only To Us) --EgoEgoEgo
Reason In Nature Is Quite Purposeful And Infinitely Reaching
Across The Many Universes Billions Of Species Are Constantly Facing Extinction For The Simple Reason In Many Cases(Unless There Is Another Species Which Causes Such) That They Do Not "Work" .... Far Ranging Reasons Here -- From Environmental To Failure To Evolve)
Nature Does Seek The Perfect
Just As In The Arts
A Dynamically Growing Species Or........Thing
But The Very Act Of Evolution Demands That Perfection Can Never Exist
It Is A Noble Objective
From Nature
From Species
But Somewhere In The Vastness Of Mind Lies A Reasoned Inherency Which Grows, Changes, Evolves Within Its' Own Patterned Structure
It Is This Evolution Which Leads To Evolution Of All Things
It Is This Evolution Which Leads To Our Evolution
Our Failure

july7_5_01.jpg- Presentation
Recent Study - 2014-7

p1110102.jpg- 2013
Recent Study - 2013-1

mar29_13_01.jpg-Symbiosis-Art And Mutualism
Recent Study - 2014-3

july7_20_01.jpg-Non Objective Art
Recent Study - 2014-7

p7090003.jpg- Paint Sculpture
Recent Study - 2012-7

p7100104.jpg- New Studies In Abstraction
Recent Study - 2012-7

So Many "Mysteries" About The Universe
Perhaps, Sometimes, Our Penchant For "Conciseness" Clouds The Mirror
Perhaps Sometimes A Non Objective Approach May Bring A Breath Of Fresh Air To That Mirror, Opening Vast, Clear, Clean New Surfaces Upon Which To Travel
To Learn
To Grow

p5080078.jpg-Non Objective Art - Form, Color, Tone
Recent Study - 2012-5

Cape Canaveral National Seashore
Mosquito Lagoon Is Everything It Is "Cracked Up" To Be!...........This Mornings Paddle Was Stunning....Just Lady Extreme(My New Touring Kayak) And I Cavorting About The Islands, Absorbing As Much As Possible In The Brief Time We Had(Disney Wide World Of Sports--Nephew's Baseball--But That's Another Story........Remainder Of Week Will Be In Wild!!!)......The Top 7 Miles Of Canaveral Seashore Are Open(Shuttle Launch Still Delayed) So There Is Much To View And Do Over The Next Three Days Even If The Southern Part Remains Closed
Yes, Yes, Yes...........At The Launch They Were Literally Everywhere, Feeding In the Vast Grassbeds Of The Lagoon.....Numerous Mothers With Calves.......Remarkable How These Little Fellows Love To Be Touched And Carressed By Humans.......Very Mixed Emotions On This As One Feels They Should Be Left Alone(Outboard Motor Propellers Await Their Friendly, Unaggressive Nature)....But At The Same Time When I See A Young Couple Waist Deep In The Water Totally Enraptured By Their Contact I Must Think These Folks Are Going To Take Away Something Remarkable And Wonderful From This Experience--Enough Said
Manatees, Sea Cows, Trichechus manatus latirostris(Florida Manatee--West Indian), 900-1200 Pounds, Herbivorous, Evolved From Land 60 Million Years Ago, Closest Relatives Elephants And Hyraxes, Prehensile Upper Lip, Communicate Through Wide Range Of Sounds, Exhibit Complex Associated Learning And Advanced Long Term Memory, Breed Once Every 2 Years(12 Month Gestation), Florida Manatee Population Between 1,000 And 3,000 And "Endangered" On The Federal Species List, Greatest Cause Of Death By Humans--20-40 Percent With Outboard Power Boats The Predominant Cause, Inhabit Warm Estuarine Waters And Cannot Survive Below 60 Degrees Fahrenheit
All Three Species Of Manatees Are Listed By The World Conservation Union As Vulnerable To Extinction
Looking So Forward To A Full Day Of It Tomorrow...The Birding, Porpoise Watching--They Were Everywhere Today--Learning The Islands And As Much As One Can About The Vegetation......This Part Quite Mixed--Mangrove, Palm Marsh Grasses And Much Other "Stuff" That Will Drive Me To The Books......So Fortunate Are We To Have Ths Precious Space......For It Is Indeed A "National Treasure"......Amazingly, Few Experience It....And That Is A Shame......For It Is An Experience That Can Well Serve As A Base For All Other Experiences In One's Life

ap8_4_01.jpg- Natural Forms - Celebration
Recent Study - 2014-4

Symbiosis - Art And Mutualism

Recent Study - 2014-3

p7090081.jpg- Catalyst - Concept - Creation
Recent Study - 2012-7

Smyrna Dunes County Park, Florida
Dipped My Feet In the Atlantic Today....A Walking Afternoon......Through the Dunes  On The County's Boardwalk.......Gopher Tortoises Abound.....Trekked Along The Atlantic Beach(Too Many Vehicles--Why Vehicles On Beaches Anyhow?)......Waiting For The Shuttle To "Blast Off".......Cape Canaveral National Seashore(Southern Part) Is Closed Whenever There Is A Launch.......Perhaps Tonight, Following 3-4 Delays.......Wanting To Kayak In Mosquito Lagoon, Well Noted For Its' Wildlife As Well As Excellent Paddling....So If There Is Another Delay, I'll Paddle The Upper Part Tomorrow And When Canaveral Reopens, The Southern Part......Staying In Wekiva Springs State Park, Just North Of Orlando.....A Beautiful Park With Excellent Springs And River But One Somewhat "Locked In"  By Urban Sprawl(Orlando)......Black Bear Inhabit The Area.....Of Course Along With Numerous Other Species......Recently, Unfortunately, A Rather Aggressive Male Had To Be "Put Down" Because Of His Predilection For Human Food In The Campgrounds.........Now, A Mother And Two Cubs Are In The Area......With The Limited Amount Of Habitat, One Needn't Even Guess What Will Probably Happen!.........Often Spoken Of But Seldom A Reality, Corridors Must Be Established For Wildlife To Range And Grow And Develop.......Both North And South And East And West Approaches Should Be Used......And They Must Be Continuous.....Areas Where Such Could Be Done Are Dwindling.......Indeed, Some Drastic Measures Truly Should Be Taken.......Some Of The Lands Should Be Taken Back From Those Who Exploit Them For One Purpose--Greed...........But Are We As A People And A Nation Capable Of Loftier Purposes?........Can't Say "Anymore" Because Our History Is Marred Repeatedly With The Ravages And Excesses Of Pure Greed............But Enough On That.........Must Focus On What We Have.....And What We Have Left For Now..........A Base Of Sorts..........And From That To Build.....An Optimistic Point Of View.......One Of Creating From The Mire And The Quagmire That We Have So Shamelessly Constructed.........Most Folks See Condos On Beaches..............I See Empty Fertile Spaces Of Habitat For Nesting Birds And Turtles And Limitless Other Species........It Is Their Planet Too..........And We Must Return Their Full Share

pa300005.jpg- Abstract Studies
Recent Study - 2012-10

Thought As A Product And Process Of Nature Is The Defining Event Of Ourselves

july7_40_01.jpg-Temporality - Future Dust
Recent Study - 2014-7

Colour - Chaos - Concept

p4165889.jpg- Why?
Recent Study - 2011-4

Can Easily Be Argued  That Any New Thought Is Of A Non Objective Nature............... Intuition? ....Perception?......Inferred Logic? .....Derivative Of What  Has Come Before? .....Or Non Derivative, Entirely New?.....Matters Not......There Is This Swirling Mass Of Idea Firing Off Through The Synapses In Excited Fashion Slowly Bringing Order From The Seeming Chaos Of Unformed "Enlightenment" ....The Thought Is Always There ....The Question Follows

pa300010.jpg- Light Flow - The Painted Plane
Recent Study - 2012-10

ap7_43_01.jpg- Image - Icon - Idea
Recent Study - 2014-4

Hot And Dead Calm All Through The Morning.....Brought Plenty Of Water But Still Was Somewhat Dehydrated.........Canaveral National Seashore Is Truly Stunning.......Not Just The Highly Varied Land Areas--Marsh To Mangrove--But The Waters.......Shoals Are Scattered  Throughout--Composed Of Mostly Oyster Reefs, A Few Mud And Sand Flats Here And There But For The Most Part Shell In This Northern Part Of The Park.......Manatees And Porpoises Were Out And About Again Today.......Do Wish To Get To The Lower End--Merritt Island Area.....But My Window, As The Shuttles, Is Running Out
Tree People
When I Entered The Northern Part Of Canaveral National Seashore, Using My Senior Pass Of Course, I Received My Park Map, Other Brochures......Attached To The Map Was A Warning...."Do Not Leave Valuables In Vehicle, Not Even A Locked Trunk".......What's This?.....Certainly One Is Reasonably "Safe" From Theft(Or Other) In A National Refuge?.......Apparently Not Completely......Checking  With Local Folks, I Was Told Of The "Tree People".......People Who Live(Presumably Mainly Winters) On The Land Areas With Trees(Palms, Etc.)......Was Told Homeless People, Drug Users, Or Both........"Come Out Of The Trees" To Break Into Vehicles For Their Content......Fascinating, Though Grim.......Really Don't Like Feeling Insecure About Such Things, Particularly on Federal Lands.......Sign Of The Times?......Someone Familiar With The Park(And Surrounding Areas) Showed Me (Map) Several Great Places To Launch My Kayak......Many Of These Locations Came With Such Remarks As "Watch Yourself", "Good Ole Boys", Etc......Guess This Is A Study In Contrast..........Not That Far Away One Has The Happy World Of Mickey And Minnie And Goofy And Pluto.....Immaculate And Well Ordered Facilities....Security..........In Short A World Of Haves Have Nots...................With The "Have Not" World Growing At A Consistant(And Rather Alarming) Rate, Maybe We Should Consider The Many Options To Bringing Our Species Closer Together And Not Further Apart..........Obviously , There Will Always Be Exceptions But One Feels That The Majority Would Indeed "Do The Right Thing".....Else The Quagmire Of Inequality Will Deepen And Threaten The Very Thing "Which We Are"

july7_61_01.jpg- Art And Relevancy
Recent Study - 2014-7

Shuttle Finally Launched...........Made It To The Southern End Of Canaveral National Seashore.....Oyster Shells Gave Way To Mud, Sand And Grass Flats........Alligators Are Everywhere And Large Ones At That...............As Well As Porpoises And Manatees............Amazing That I Was Virtually The Only Person Out In This Expansive Tract Of Habitat.......A Few Fishermen Well Off In The Distance..........But Why Weren' More People Out Exploring This Vast National Asset?.........(I Do Enjoy Paddling Alone But It Would Be Great To See Others Partaking Of The Experience..........As Usual, Must Return To This Place............Particularly For The Winter Birding(Am Told February Is The Optimum Month)......But For Now This Final Day Of Paddling Leaves Me With An Intense Feeling Of Connection And Purposeful Interaction

p6140006.jpg- Inherency - Art And Nature
Recent Study - 2013-6

p7090118.jpg- Seeing
Recent Study - 2012-7

Shattered Image - Fractured Dreams

p1120041.jpg- Primordia
Recent Study - 2013-1

Kayaking - Art - Florida

_18_01.jpg-Contemporary Abstract Expressionism
Recent Study - 2014-7

Web Site II - Click On Image

july7_37_01.jpg- Non Representational Art
Recent Study - 2014-7

p1110045.jpg- Non Representational Artist- Studies
Recent Study - 2013-1

Paint Transfers
On-To Glass
10x16 Inch Minimum Size


Care For This Planet
This Earth

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