Tom McNease Contemporary Art

Art And Urgency

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October, 2009

The Arts
A Major Catalyst Upon Which Our Future Rest

p6230107.jpg- Agit
Recent Study - 2013-6

july9_3_01.jpg- Art And Dimension
Recent Study - 2014-7

ap12_30_01.jpg- Feral Abstraction
Recent Study - 2014-4

Points Intercede In The Cold Vacuum Of The Frame
Points Of Reference Expressive Of Pathways And Contours
Form And Colour Juxtapose To New Definition
Spaces Reflect The Unseen-Unknown
If Reluctantly

july9_23_01.jpg-Abstract Expressionism-Icon, Myth
Recent Study - 2014-7

p5090095.jpg- Truths - Species Extinction - (Us)
Recent Study - 2012-5

Music Will Continue
Even If We Do Not
(Our Choice)
Art(S) Already Inhabits The Fabric Of Nature
To Be Carried On In Unfathomable Detail
Contributing To The Evolving Stream Of The Natural Order
Being Created
Infinity Beckons
If We But Listen

Logical Progressions As Illogical Extremes
(Which Is What?--And Why?)

ap8_9_01.jpg- Art - Survival - Service
Recent Study - 2014-4

july9_8_01.jpg-New Developments In Art
Recent Studies- 2014-7

2011 - Thematic Variations - Studies - Set II

20110919_67.jpg- Contemporary Expressionist - Eco
Recent Study - 2011-9

Fragile Edge Of Distinction
How Fine
Sustained Only By The Imperative Of Renewal
Of Change
Through The Evolving Mist Of Logic(Natural) And Reason(Natural)

p1303085.jpg- Non Objective Art
Recent Study - 2012-1

The Arts - Upon The Winds Of Change?

p9060010.jpg- Southern Expressionism
Recent Study - 2012-9

Even Though We Are A Relatively Recent Addition To The Planet As A Species, Our Brains Have Developed To A Point Of Intellectual Awareness, Logical Discernment As Well As Ability To Reason.......The Arts Reflect This Development Well.............So Why Are We Not A Peaceful, Cooperative Species?................Why Does Evil Exist?.............Why Do People Die Of Hunger Or Any Preventable Disease?.............Why Do Cultures And Sects And Various Groups Cling To Precious Myths And Beliefs And Dare Anyone To Question?.....................Why Do We Kill, Assault And Maim One Another?...........Why Do We Not Share?............Why Do We Not View The Preciousness Of Life Of Every Other Species On This Earth As We Should Our Own?..............Why Have We Done Such Great Harm To Our Home, This Earth?..........Why Do We Not Exist As A Thriving, Developing, Highly Creative Species Successfully Proceeding On Nature's Evolutionary Path?
The Answers ARE There............Locked Deeply Within Recesses Of Mind
Each And Every One Of Us

..........Then What Is Happening There.............Is Happening Here
(Absence Of Distance)

p1010070.jpg- Contemporary Abstract Expressionist
Recent Study - 2013-6

Where Did We Meet Ourselves When Coming In?
Was Chance Fortuitous?
Beloved Dilettante
Did You Not Miss The Essence Of Your Freedom?
Did Awareness Find Itself On The Blind Side Of Superficiality?
Does Thought Remain In The Sterile Vacuum Of Myth?
Intractable In Measure Or Process
Even....................Even Still

july11_39.jpg-Paint Sculpture
Recent Study - 2014-7

p1010031.jpg- Art And Relevancy
Recent Study - 2013-6

Art(S) Must Represent The Time It Represents
And It Must NOT
The Signpost Of Our Species Must Reflect The Present Myth Of Now While At The Same Time Destroying It
Art Must Create Its Own Fecund Enveloping Atmosphere Of Experience And Knowledge While At The Same Time Creating And Allowing New Thought-Idea
Within The Confines Of Now Rest The Fine Distance Of Future
To Grasp Of That Future And Bring It Into The Now.............Obliterate Myth And Resistance, Create New Pathways And Avenues Leading To Greater Reason, Sensibility And Yes, Logic Is The Imperative

20111021_44.jpg- Art And Evolution
Recent Study - 2011-10

Crescendo As The Beginning Of The New Tide
(End As Beginning)

july9_54_01.jpg-Nature's Consciousness
Recent Study - 2014-7

Has Anyone Noticed?
Anyone At All?
Nature Is Taking Her Planet Back
Natural Processes Are Now Underway To Remedy The Excesses Created By One Of Her Citizens, Us
Amazingly, How Far It Will Extend, From Total Catastrophy To Total Extinction, Is Under Our Stewardship And Control
And.........Amazingly Still.........We Do......Virtually
We Are In Lockstep To Absolute Disaster
Sense It
Feel It
See It
Do The Right Thing

p3180050.jpg- Current Image - Present Myth
Recent Study - 2012-3

What Is Your Vehicular Monthly Gas Consumption?
Do You Drive Only When You Have To?
How Much Are Your Utility Bills?
How Much And What Kind Of Food Do You Consume?
How Much Do You Spend On Non Necessities?
How Much Garbage Do You Produce?
Are You Contributing Anything To This Planet?
Anything At All?
Take A Hard Look
If You Are Not Giving Back More Than You Take, With Rapidly Increasing Population You Are Contributing To The Demise Of Something You Should Hold So Dear.....Your Own Species
We Have Silenced So Many Many Other Species Through Our Reckless Actions And Behavior............Their Sweet Voices Will Never Be Heard Again..........Will Ours Continue?.......Nature Does Not Follow To Our Myth...........Natural Logic Precludes Excess And Aberrant Behavior........Natural Logic Includes Only A Reciprocal Necessity
Urgency Is Now.......Now Is Urgency

Without Which(Dark Matter) Light(Life) Does Not Exist
(Conscious-Unconscious And Other Matters Of Lesser Detail)

ap12_41_01.jpg- Non Representational Artist
Recent Studies - 2014-4

Art - Artifact

20110919_71.jpg- Contemporary Myth And Art
Recent Study - 2011-9

Self Affirmation Is A Great Malady Of Our Species
Crosses All Spectrums
Yet Nature Provides All The Affirmation One Needs
If One Will But Listen

p9060021.jpg- Truths - World Without Art
Recent Study - 2012-9

Colour - Chaos - Concept

july11_5.jpg-Abstract Painting-Creative Evolution
Recent Study - 2014-7

                  Unexplained Myth            Energy
      Idea                                 Knowledge
               Naturally Occurring Event
                                                    Specific Signpost
            Catalyst                   Necessity
Definition(Specific)                         Illumination
Change                       Evolution              Free

Paint Transfers
On-To Glass
10x16 Inch Minimum Size


Care For This Planet
This Earth

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